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We are the company of choice for businesses of all sizes.Whether you are an international organization or a local store, you can consult with us regarding your security system and lock troubles.

We serve property managers, apartment complexes, office buildings, institutions, colleges, and even hospitals. We have diverse and highly trained team of a commercial locksmith's in Portland OR .

We offer a comprehensive range of services that will ensure that your business is safe at all times. We have years of experience up our sleeves. Therefore, you can trust us to not only provide the best services but also deliver them in the shortest time possible.

When you choose us, you are sure to receive reliable locksmith services of the highest caliber in the market.

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Commercial Services 

 panic hardware repair

Panic Bars 

We can replace and repair any type of push bar application, and have upgrades for all applications as well. We have the expertise and experience to create and manage complicated and highly advanced security systems. 

 business lock rekey

Lock Rekey & Changing

Do you feel the need to upgrade the security system in your organization and lack the funds to buy a new lock and key system? If that is the case, then you could resort to rekeying your locks. In this process, a professional commercial locksmith in Portland OR, will remove the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and replace them with new ones.

With the new configuration, you will use a new and different key. This procedure is standard for relocated organizations after they settle in a new commercial space. It is cheap and effective. After the rekeying service is complete, you might also need a lock maintenance service.

This ensures that your locks are still operational and offer the expected level of security for your commercial premises.

 access control installation

Key Pad Entry

High-security locks guarantee higher resistance to compromise. They have features that make it harder for burglars and thieves to break in. Reliable Locksmiths in Portland OR can sufficiently install these hi-security locks to withstand manipulation and forced entry for a more extended period.